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Our Favourite Dry Gins You Should Try

With countless gin microbreweries cropping up all over the place, as well as plenty of infused and flavoured options, gin has become big again. No two gins are alike, as different botanicals are used, and gins are also influenced by the base spirit and distilling equipment. Despite all gins having a least some level of juniper, gin distillers are mostly free to choose their botanicals as they wish. 

With so many different gins available on the market,  there really is something for everyone when it comes to this iconic spirit, but it can be daunting when choosing the right gin. Choosing your gin is completely down to your personal preference, but if you are drawn towards dryer flavours, we have put together a list of some of our favourite dry gins you need to try. 

Monkey 47 Gin

If you are looking for a gorgeous, robust and powerful gin with plenty of spice, fruit and herb flavours - this is the brand you need to try. Originating in Southern Germany, this gin is clear with a silvery, glycerous appearance, with some of the ingredients including angelica root, acacia flowers, bramble leaves, lingonberries and spruce shoots, all of which come from the Black Forest. 

Wildcat Gin

Inspired by the story of Captain Dudley Bradstreet, this gin has a stand-out flavour profile which would be perfectly paired with a premium tonic - such as natural Indian tonic water. The botanical adds a hint of spiced citrus to the classic dry juniper taste, with the peppery juniper driving the whole gin forward.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin

This gin is distilled with 10 botanicals, each being chosen very carefully to create the perfect dry balance - blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring. The taste of this gin has a burst of juniper and a zesty, citrus freshness, with slight hints of angelica root musk and liquorice. This rich and complex gin is readily recognisable in nearly all cocktails, especially within a martini. 

About Vemacity

If you are looking for some great glassware to accompany your newfound gin enthusiasm, our glasses are the very best purchase you can make. We have a gorgeous range of glasses available for you to buy, with complementary accessories that include stirrer and shot glass. Available in gold, silver, or rose gold colours, these are the ideal gift for any occasion. Each of our gin glasses sets also come presented in a stylish gift box, with glasses and accessories which are truly stunning. Our Copa gin glasses have also been specifically designed to release the intense botanical aromas from your gin and tonic, unlocking a more intense taste experience.

Are you looking to find out some more information about our range of gin glasses? If the answer to that question is yes, please do not hesitate to visit the Vemacity website. We have a dedicated FAQ page which may be able to help you if you have any questions regarding our gin glasses sets. 

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