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Traditional Cocktails You Should Try With Gin

The majority of people will have a personal favourite spirit and also a list of spirits that they dislike. When browsing a drinks menu, it isn’t uncommon for people to completely disregard a cocktail because of the main spirit being used. This can leave you with very few options and you probably end up having the same couple of cocktails every time you go out. 

Thankfully, there are some incredible cocktails out there that are really versatile and actually taste great with a range of different spirits. If you’re a gin lover then you’re in for a treat. Vemacity have put together a list of classic cocktails that are traditionally made with other spirits but taste amazing with gin too. 


This cocktail gives us ‘Sex and The City’ vibes and, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda have definitely popularised this drink. Recognised for its bright pink colour and traditionally made with vodka, this cocktail works brilliantly with gin too. Mix triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice together and serve over ice with your favourite gin. 


Tequila is one of the most controversial spirits, people either love it or hate it. For that reason, a margarita is often avoided. But, trust us when we say gin makes a brilliant replacement for tequila in this drink. You can straight swap these two spirits, add the orange liquor of your choice and mix with fresh lime juice before serving in a posh gin glass. 


The daiquiri is a firm favourite for many and with so many different flavours of this cocktail available, there is something for everyone. If you don’t fancy rum or you’ve already had a gin and don’t want to mix then simply swap the spirit in your daiquiri. From strawberry to coconut, your daiquiri flavour will be even more delicious with gin. 


We have all heard of ‘gin and juice’ and this cocktail is exactly that. Traditionally made with vodka, a screwdriver is a simple cocktail containing orange juice and orange slices. It is ridiculously easy to make and is perfect for summer or making in big batches. Try using blood oranges for even more flavour, they work brilliantly with gin. 


This minty cocktail is another classic. Traditionally a mojito is made with rum but, again, gin works perfectly too. Muddle together mint, ice, sugar and your chosen gin before pouring over a ice-filled glass. As well as topping with soda water, try swapping this for a splash of apple juice instead for another great twist on this cocktail. 

Champagne Cocktail

There are so many variations of this cocktail but, more often than not it will consist of champagne being topped with fruity liquors such as Chambord or Cointreau. These days there are so many amazing flavoured gins on the market that pair perfectly with champagne so, pick your favourite and give it a try. 

Trying these cocktails 

Really, any cocktail that is traditionally made with a clear spirit like vodka, tequila, rum and so on will work well with gin too. Try out your favourites and see for yourself. It is so easy to make the majority of these cocktails too so, you don’t need to be a bartender to give them a try. 

If you’re searching for somewhere to buy gin cocktail glasses and gin accessories to help you make the best possible cocktails then visit the Vemacity website today. You will find the perfect gift set for anyone wanting to experiment with some of the cocktails mentioned above. As well as getting the gin glasses, you will also get a double-sided jigger and a cocktail mixing spoon. This is all you need to make a basic cocktail, so there is no stopping you now. 

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