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Cocktail Glasses & Premium Cocktail Gift Sets

As well as tasting beautiful, a great cocktail also has to look the part and that starts with how it is served. At Vemacity we are obsessed with crafting Stunning Handmade Crystal Cocktail Glasses which enhance the overall enjoyment of cocktails. Each of our cocktail glasses have been designed by cocktail experts to bring a bit of the cocktail bar experience into your home. Each glass has a uniquely thin stem with a wide top so that your drinks really stand out and the wonderful aromas can be released. The beautiful shape of our glasses will truly result in β€˜instagrammable’ looking drinks.

The way a cocktail is made is an integral part of why we all go crazy for a good cocktail. There’s a certain theatre to watching the cocktail making process. We all delight in watching the ingredients being combined together and then shaken and seeing something delicious being poured out at the end. From Cocktail Shakers to spirit measures, we produce some of the trendiest and most elegant Premium Cocktail Accessories to ensure that every drink you make delivers on flavour and has that lovely crema you only get at the best bars!



Premium Cocktail Accessories In A Beautifully Packaged Gift Set

We’ve delighted over 50,000 cocktail lovers with our items and we know that a lot of you will be purchasing our items as a gift. We’ve purposely made it so that each of our Beautifully Packaged Cocktail Gift Sets work great as a gift for any occasion or indeed as a treat for yourself.

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