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The Ultimate Gin Library- Hayman's London Dry Gin

Hayman's London Dry Gin

Distillery: Hayman’s, 8a Weir Road, Balham, London

Strength: 41.2%

It all started many years ago in 1863 when the current Chairman of Hayman’s London Dry, Hayman’s great-grandfather James Burrough ventured into gin rectifying business which was a famous industry during that era.  A new face was introduced, and Beefeater came into the picture in 1969 and started distillation and production of Beefeater until 1987.  Thereafter it was purchased by Whitbread. 

Distilling and Whitbread did not go hand in hand, and within 2 years the whisky and gin operations were sold.  Hayman’s once again came into the business with the purchase of the Fine Alcohols Division.  Burrough’s were left with being owned by Pernod Ricard. 

Hayman’s brands were subsequently produced by Thames Distillers and it goes on to prove that you can’t keep a family of gin lovers out of business and they were once again distilling in Witham in Essex. They are well known for Tiptree gin liqueurs which are produced there.  In March 2018, they once proved their worth and showcased their new distillery in Balham, which is about 4 miles from where they originated 150 years ago, where they had just ten traditional botanicals and operated three stills.

In the 1950s’ their Old Tom was discontinued and was later introduced to the market in November 2007.  It is treated a reference point which indicates the category, with a remarkable sweetness which comes from liquorice as the added sugar. 

Their classic London Dry is the standard bearer and has been very tastefully repackaged with their move to Balham and now comes with more added strength.  There are many varieties of London Dry gins available around the globe, but this is the primus inter pares, and comes from non-other than Britain’s senior gin dynasty and renowned family company in London.

It is time to enjoy a true English gin, which is known for using family techniques and processes passed down through the generations.

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