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Which Is The Best Scottish Gin?

In recent years, Scottish gin has taken over the market, with over 70% of UK gin already produced in Scotland. From Scotland’s urban cities to remote islands, there are a huge variety of brands available for any gin connoisseur. High-quality gin has seen a resurgence, with Scottish distillers using their extraordinary wealth of distilling knowledge to create exciting new flavours for you to try. But, what are some of the best Scottish gins? 

Rock Rose Gin

This gorgeously flavoured craft gin is handcrafted from the master distillers of Dunnet Bay Distillers in Caithness. It has a very unique distilling process which infuses 18 botanicals, of which five are grown locally. Traditional Italian and Bulgarian junipers are used to create a unique juniper taste for their gin, blending them together to create the wonderfully Earthy, Turkish delight flavour. 

Hills and Harbours Gin

With botanicals plucked from the Galloway Hills and pulled from the Scottish sea, this gin has a fruity and spicy flavour you are guaranteed to enjoy. It is an incredibly smooth spirit, with an initial delicate sweet flavour to the base of the gin which has a refreshing hint of sea saltiness. If you are looking to enjoy this gin at its best, we recommend serving over plenty of ice with tonic. 

Esker Gin

Being made in Royal Deeside, Scotland, this gin features a selection of botanicals including juniper, pink peppercorn, cassia, heather, rosehip, milk thistle and silver birch sap, and more. The flavour is earthy and herbaceous, with peppery spice and a refreshing sweetness. This sweetness is due to the distinctive ingredient of Birch Tree sap, which is also renowned for its health-boosting properties.

Caorunn Gin

With clean, crisp, slightly sweet, with floral and citrus tones, this widely popular craft gin is infused with time-honoured Celtic botanicals. Within this gin, 11 botanicals are used, including; rowan berries, heather, dandelion, bog myrtle, and caol blush apples. These botanicals help to evoke the sweetness and warmth of the gin, within the fruity flavours. 

The Botanist Gin

Originating from Islay, this gin is made with 31 botanicals and has established itself as a popular gin across the entire UK - including Scotland itself. 22 of the botanicals within this gin are native to Islay, and this complex, floral gin is the perfect addition to a gin & tonic. The recipe has had to change slightly to account for the seasonal effects and wild nature of the crops they are foraging, but the classic flavours always remain. 


There are many different types of Scottish gins available for you to try, with each of them brightening up any gin collection. Each of the gins we have mentioned are our personal favourites and have been distilled, rectified or cold compounded in Scotland itself. However, if you are looking to enjoy a gin & tonic with one of these spirits, it is important that you have the right glass to enjoy it with. 

Having the perfect gin glass is very important, as this will capture all the high notes of your Scottish gin - actually making a huge difference to its final taste. Here at Vemacity, we have designed some excellent gin glasses which will ensure your gin and tonic is served the right way and engages all the senses.

To understand our products in more detail, or if you have any questions regarding the gin gifts we mentioned, please feel free to visit the Vemacity website today. 

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