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How to Make Rhubarb Gin

We have put together an easy guide on how to make Rhubarb Gin. As summer is fast approaching, it's time to start preparing for delicious drinks in the sun. I don't know about you but I enjoy different gins for different seasons; my favourite during the summer is, of course, rhubarb gin! This naturally pink gin is a firm favourite with many gin lovers around the world. As well as being absolutely delicious, it's very easy to make as well. 

What Does Rhubarb Gin Taste Like?

 If you have never tried Rhubarb Gin before then your taste buds are in for a terrific treat! It is one of the most appealing summer flavours. Rhubarb is traditionally used in sweet pies and crumbles. However the tart and sweetness of this amazing vegetable compliments the juniper and citrus gin botanicals perfectly. You can also add some vanilla pods to make this gin taste like the classic rhubarb and custard dessert, or if you enjoy a little bit of spice you can add some ginger instead.

The History of Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a popular and very easy vegetable to grow. Famous for the tart flavoured pink and green stems, Rhubarb actually stems back from Asia and wasn’t introduced to Europe until the 1600s. Did you know that the plant can produce it’s delicious harvest for up to 10 years! Perfect for any gin lover’s garden.


The Best Way To Drink Rhubarb Gin

The great thing about rhubarb gin is that it is very versatile and works with many different mixers. All round this gin works lovely neat over ice, in our amazing hand-made copa glasses or in a delicious cocktail with our coupe glasses. My favourite serve with rhubarb gin is ginger ale. The spicy notes of the ginger work perfectly with the sweet tartness of the gin. Also this serve will work well if you have any gin left over after the summer months for a warm winter drink. 

What Gin do I Use?

Since we're infusing delicious fresh flavours into the gin, I would use a standard London dry gin. There isn't any point using expensive gin for this as we're using the gin as a base then adding delicious flavours into it. If you wanted to be fancy though, you could get our ultimate gin making kit which you can make your very own gin then follow the recipe below - genius!

What can I do with the leftovers?

We would hate for anything to go to waste especially if it's gin infused. I would recommend making a rhubarb crumble for an amazing summer dessert to treat your family and friends with.

What You'll Need To Make Rhubarb Gin

  • 1kg of Rhubarb Stalks. (in season late spring until September)

  • 400g of Caster Sugar (any other sugar will disrupt the colour)

  • 800ml of London Dry Gin 

Step One

Wash, trim, and remove any leaves from the Rhubarb. Cut the Rhubarb into 2cm slices. 

Step Two

Get a large jar which you can seal (1 litre jar is perfect), put the rhubarb and sugar into the jar, seal the jar then give it a good shake. Leave the jar overnight, the sugar will draw the natural juices out of the rhubarb. If you don't have a jar you can split the recipe into empty gin bottles.



Step Three 

The next day, add your gin into the jar. Seal the jar and give it another good shake. Leave your future creation in a dark place for 4 weeks before drinking. After you have counted down the days, you can now strain your gin into your bottle using a muslin cloth or a fine sieve.


Step four

It’s now time to enjoy your delicious home-made rhubarb gin!


Serving the Rhubarb Gin

We all know presentation is as important as the taste. This is why we recommend using our handmade crystal copa glasses which compliments the spirit in many ways. As well as looking good, the design of the glass let’s the spirit do the talking. The glass set as well comes with premium bar accessories. For a beautiful garnish we would recommend peeling some rhubarb to make some elegant twirls in your glass like the picture below.


Make your own Gin

Vemacity’s Ultimate Gin Making Kits come's with all the necessary tools for you to easily make your own gin. You can select your botanicals from the kit and focus solely on the flavour profiles that you like the most! The kit also includes a cocktail spoon and jigger so that you can nail the perfect serve every time!

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We love seeing your creations - tag us on instagram @vemacityuk to let us know how you got on making this Rhubarb gin.


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