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Cocktail Recipes

Making cocktails can be really fun, but a good cocktail recipe can make all the difference when it comes to the taste of the drink. Many people are put off because they think it can be difficult to make delicious cocktails for themselves. The truth is that most cocktail recipes are just variations on a theme and it can actually be really easy to get started with just a few essential ingredients.

 Colour changing gin kit used to make beautiful cocktail

Make Cocktails At Home

The team at Vemacity wanted to spread the joy of cocktail making so we have put together a library of incredibly tasty cocktail recipes for you to use. We have created step-by-step guides that are easy to follow, so whether you are making cocktails for yourself, or you are trying to impress some of your friends, you can create amazing drinks with ease. Learn what is needed to make a Pornstar MartiniSex on the Beach, or even classic Mojito cocktails.


Cocktail Making 

If you have ever seen a mixologist doing their thing behind the bar then you will know there is an art to presenting cocktails. It is an exhibition and is all part of the spectacle, but if juggling bottles isn't your thing then you can get by with a few basics. Whilst the pros have Boston Shakers, Jiggers, stirrers and even the odd flamethrower, you could get started with a spoon, jug and a coffee mug - this could be an interesting way to enjoy an Espresso Martini. That said you may want to get a few things to get yourself started.


Coupe Glasses with Espresso Martini and Pornstar Martini Cocktail - Vemacity

Beautiful Cocktail Glasses & Bar Accessories 

You can elevate your experience with cocktail glasses and bar accessories. If you want to take your homemade cocktails to the next level then the classic coupe glass will make a perfect addition to the glass collection. Traditionally used for champagne, these glasses are a popular feature in cocktail bars. With the right glasses you can create gorgeous drinks. The opportunities are endless with a bit of creativity, although if it is volume you want then you may want to consider one of our Balloon Glasses instead!


Share Your Home Cocktail Making Experiences With Us 

We want to share our love of cocktail as many people as possible. Even if you don't drink alcohol a virgin cocktail can be a refreshing treat on a summers day. If you want to be part of our community then check out our Instagram feed to share your experiences. We have loads of ginspiration and you can even see some of the cocktail recipes we have made for you to enjoy.


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