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Espresso Martini Recipe

The Espresso Martini is such an elegant and stylish looking cocktail. It was first created in the '80s in London when an American model walked up to the bar, asking the bartender for something to wake her up. The dark brown colour with the lightweight crema sitting on top garnished with coffee beans; you can't go wrong with it. This cocktail is easy to make and just requires three ingredients. The top tip for making this one, shake the cocktail shaker more vigorously than usual to achieve that frothy 'crema' on top.



How To Make A Espresso Martini

Coffee and cocktail lovers will love this recipe we have put together, simply combining vodka, espresso and coffee liqueur to create a smooth, delicious cocktail that looks amazing.


Espresso Martini Ingredients 

  • 50ml of Vodka (Gin if you prefer)
  • 25ml of Espresso
  • 25ml of Coffee Liqueur


Step By Step Guide To Making The Espresso Martini

Step One

Fill your cocktail shaker up with ice, add in vodka, espresso and coffee liqueur.

Step Two

Shake very well; the harder you shake, the better the 'crema' on top is, then strain into your chilled coupe glass.

Step Three

Garnish your cocktail with coffee beans on top or some orange peel.


Serve Your Espresso Martini In One Of Our Glasses

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Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe


Share Your Espresso Martini With Us On Instagram

We love to see your creations, especially if you're using our incredible glasses. When making the Espresso Martini, before enjoying it, make sure you grab a picture & tag us on Instagram at @vemacityuk. If coffee isn't your thing then why not try one of our other cocktail recipes. This Woo Woo is a real winner.


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