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Gin Glasses

A collection of beautifully handcrafted Gin Glasses sets complete withย premium bar accessories. Available in Rose Gold, Gold & Silver.

Stunning Crystal Gin Glasses

Here at Vemacity, we believe good glassware can make drinks that much more enjoyable. A beautiful handmade glass looks the part and it is really easy to feel the quality when you handle your drink. There is something special about creating a moment, whether that is a classic pairing of gin and tonic, or something a little more adventurous like a sex on the beach. So many bars and restaurants use beautiful glasses to make occasions a little more special and we want people to be able to do the same thing at home.

We have a collection of beautifully handcrafted Gin Glass sets complete with premium bar accessories. Our glass sets are really gift-able and make the perfect present for any gin or cocktail lover in your life.ย  You may even want to treat yourself so you can enjoy your own drinks that little bit more!

Perfect Gin and Tonic Glass

Balloon glasses are a really popular choice for gin and tonics and summer cocktails.ย  It is possible to add a lot of ice for a super chilled tipple, plus there is also room for decoration and garnish for maximum visual impact.


gin glass gifts


Coupe glasses are classically used for champagne, but they make all manner of drinks look the part. Our handmade crystal coupe glasses are the perfect choice for gin and tonic, or if a colourful cocktail like an espresso martini.

Highball glasses show off long cocktails in all their glory. Vemacity ribbed highballers are the perfect choice for mojitos, long island iced teas, as well as long gin and tonics too. These premium handmade glasses also include our premium bar accessories in rose gold and gold.