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Upcycling Your Empty Gin Bottles

In recent years, the rise of gin has been astonishing to watch; every week, new gin brands are popping up worldwide. Every unique gin comes with a different style of bottle. From tinted glass, curved grooves and even mermaid scales, the designs are unreal. Would I be wrong in saying that we have all bought at least one bottle of gin because of the design? Now the question is, what happens when you have finished your last drop of gin from the glass masterpiece? It would be a shame for it to go to the bottle bank, wouldn't it? We have put together some of our ginspiration on how you can transform your empty gin bottles.


Reed Diffusers

Gin Bottle Reed Diffuser

Turn your empty gin bottle into a beautifully fragranced reed diffuser. Fill your bottle with 350ml of mineral oil, 50 drops of essential oil, then why not add 3 tbsp's of gin (stronger the better) to put a juniper fragranced twist to it. Mix all in a jug, then pour into your empty bottle. Then put 3-5 reed diffuser sticks in, and then you're good to go. Remember to rotate your sticks every few days to keep the fragrance going. 


Fairy Lights

Gin Bottle Fairy Lights

One of the most popular uses for upcycling, you can now get fairy lights designed for your bottle, and they look incredible. Great for bedside lamps or decor on your gin shelf. The fairy lights sit perfectly in your bottle, and the switch/battery pack is disguised as the cork— a quick and easy way to upcycle.


Lamp Shade

Isle of Harris Gin Bottle Lamp

Now, this idea is brilliant. You won't ever want to purchase an ordinary lamp again. This upcycling technique can be pretty tricky to do. First, you will start by drilling a hole (use the drill specifically for glass) at the side of the bottom of the bottle. Feed the wire through the neck of the bottle, then through the hole, then check the light is working; secure your lampshade on top of the bottle, then you have a finished masterpiece. If this sounds too complicated, plenty of companies can do this for you or you can get a more straightforward option of the lamp holder, which doesn't require the wire to go through the bottle.



Gin Bottle Vase with flowers

One of the prettiest ideas. Use your bottle for flowers, pampas grass, or if you have a glass cutter, you could cut the bottle halfway down to make a plant pot. The bottle itself will go nicely with colourful flowers; why not pick a gin with floral botanicals & match the botanicals with what flowers you put into it. Genius! 


The Gin Bottle Water Fountain

Gin Bottle Water Feature

Now, this may be the most extravagant idea, but this will give everyone the wow factor. The water feature can be made with the same gin bottle; various gin bottles or even glasses or cans can be added. It's to give you the effect that gin is pouring out of the bottle. It looks really impressive. You will need a water pump and glass cutter for this feature. There are lots of tutorial videos on youtube on how to achieve this. 


Bird Feeder

Isle of Harris Gin Bottle Bird Feeder

You now have your gin water fountain in your garden; it's now time for a bird feeder - a great way to use your beautiful bottle to help wildlife. You can buy the empty wooden bottle bird feeder online, or why not make it yourself? A fantastic addition to your garden.



Candle Holder for Gin Bottles

Upgrade your dinner table using your empty gin bottle as a candle holder. This look's impressive, and as the wax drips down, it just adds to the elegant look. Just make sure the candle is in properly!


Gin Bottle Soap Dispenser

Gin Bottle Soap Dispenser

Turning your bottle into a soap dispenser is a great way to catch your guest's eyes in the bathroom. You can buy the pump from various online retailers. I would also recommend looking for a juniper fragranced hand wash to add to the gin theme. It's such a clever idea & will change the look of your bathroom forever.


Make Your Own Gin For The Bottle

Make Your Own Gin

Maybe the best idea, why not fill your empty bottle back up with delicious gin? You can find out how over on our blog 'How To Make Gin' when we use our Ultimate Gin Making Kit.


Before The Gin Ends

Gin and Tonic in Copa Glass 

To get an empty bottle, you must enjoy the gin beforehand; at Vemacity we offer various beautiful products. Check out our Hand-Made Crystal Copa Glasses with Premium Bar Accessories to change your G&T experience forever. If you enjoy cocktails as well, we have you covered; check out our Hand-Made Coupe Glasses for your beloved cocktails like a martini.



We love to see your gintastic creations; when you create your upcycling creations or share our amazing products, please tag us so we can see! Tag us on Instagram at @vemacityuk , on our Facebook page or our amazing gin community page, All Things Gin.


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