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How Vemacity Can Help You With Your Christmas Gin Gifts

In the run-up to Christmas, it is always important that you get the perfect gift for those that are close to you, and have a resounding effect on the year that has passed. To help you make the best choices, Vemacity has put together a blog post with some of the best Christmas presents you could purchase for any gin lover. 

Copa de Balon - An Education in Glass Type

You may be familiar with the almost-stereotypical shape that most gin glasses have adopted, but you may not realise the roots of where it has come from - we are here to remedy this. The Copa de Balon, as it is known, can trace its origins back to the 1700s; more specifically, it comes from an area of Spain called the Basque Country. 

You can be sure that the Spanish are among the more knowledgeable groups of gin connoisseurs, as they are rumoured to be the heaviest gin drinkers in Europe. Therefore, although the English typically favour the Tom Collins long glass, for your gin and tonic you cannot go wrong with drinking your gin from the continental balloon glasses. 

Rose, Silver & Gold - What Shine Suits You?

When you are preparing your tipple of choice, Vemacity wants to ensure that there are elements class and sophistication in the utensils that you use. That is why, when you are browsing through our products, with their purpose to be that of a Christmas gift, we want to draw your attention to the various accessory finishes that we have for you. 

Whether your recipient is a fan of all things that gleam and glisten in a golden hue, or prefers to embrace their feminine side and you would like for there to be a rose shade to bring this out in them - you will not be disappointed by a lack of choice. 

The Gins that Tingle our Tastebuds

Here at Vemacity, we understand that not everyone will have a knowledge that is as well-rounded or complete, in regards to the world of high-quality gin glasses. Nor, will they be experts in what to fill their large gin glass with. As self-proclaimed gin aficionados, we are more than happy to lend a hand in helping you find a new favourite gin. 

For those that are looking for flavours that are rich, and have more than a hint of the botanical about them, then France’s Citadelle Gin is for you. More closer to home, Scotland’s Harris gin perfectly encaptures floral and citrus flavours, for a smooth drink. We are so dedicated to bringing the world of gin to our customers, we even have a dedicated page on our website that is designed to inform about the best gins that we have experienced. 

Vemacity - The Home of First-Class Gin and Tonic Gift Sets

In the world of gin and tonic, you will be hard-pressed to source a company that shares Vemacity’s devotion to the provision of high-quality gin glasses and accessories. What began as a shared passion about the delicious notes that are delivered in premier gins, has now evolved into a business that is on a mission to bring gin-drinkers the perfect vessel from which they can consume their favourite beverage. 

We aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors through our accessibility. Our customer service representatives are a hive of information, and have the answers that you seek regarding gin balloon glasses gift sets. They’re only a phone call away - simply give them a call on 0800 246 1586.

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