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Christmassy Flavoured Gins You Need To Try

This year we have lost count of the amount of new and exciting gin flavours that have made their way onto the shelves of supermarkets nationwide. There seems to be the perfect gin for every taste preference and every time of year, so don’t worry this festive season you will be able to get your hands on some delicious Christmassy flavoured gins. 

Now we are in the middle of the festive celebrations there is no doubt that you will be attending numerous Christmas parties and festive gatherings, and potentially even hosting them yourself. It is probably sensible to ensure that your gin cupboard fully stocked, so why not add some fun festive flavours into the mix when doing so? To help you with your alcohol shopping list, Vemacity has put together a list of amazing Christmassy flavoured gins you need to try. 

Copperfield ‘A Christmas Carol’ Gin 

Any gin that is named like this one is a must for this festive period. This gin captures Christmas in a drink, the sweetness, citrus and spice combine so elegantly that you will find yourself keep going back for more. There is no denying that it is a unique and unusual gin that is rich with wintery herbs and spices but, it really is the perfect festive tipple.

Edinburgh Christmas Gin

Again, it’s all in the name, this gin deserves a place in your alcohol cabinet. It is flavoured with a unique blend of seasonal botanicals, including frankincense and myrrh, it really is a true spirit of the season. With sweet orange notes and spice from cinnamon and nutmeg, you can easily mix this gin with tonic for a seasonal take on a classic gin-lovers drink. 

Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin 

This gin is made with real Christmas puddings, so it absolutely had to be on the list. You will even find a handwritten Victorian recipe for a delicious Christmas pudding on the inside of the back label of this gin. Candied peel and raisins are at the forefront of this gin and it works so perfectly mixed into any festive cocktail or even just with a singular mixer. 

That Boutiquey Gin Company Yuletide Gin

This jolly tipple is made using traditionally festive botanicals, as well as ingredients that are traditionally festive though not traditionally botanicals. Basically, everything that you love about Christmas has been crammed into this bottle of yuletide gin. Not only does this gin taste incredible but it looks amazing too, the edible gold flakes give every drink a snow-globe feel.

M&S Christmas Dry Gin

We know that M&S make the most amazing Christmas food but not many people know about their gin, which is also incredible by the way. This dry gin promises a true taste of the season. Containing a botanical blend of fiery ginger, cardamom and cinnamon it screams Christmas. Whether you choose to mix with tonic or add to a cocktail it is an essential bottle to have. 

Eden Mill Candy Cane Christmas Gin 

Think candy cane but in liquid form, this is exactly what this gin is. The candied cool peppermint twist to this gin really does make it one of a kind. Overall, it is sweet on the palate leading to a warmer, rich minty character with hints of light berry fruits. Since launching last year it has become a Christmas party essential. 

Sipsmith gingerbread gin

Lastly, but by no means least, one for the gingerbread lovers. This gin smells absolutely incredible, before you even take a sip you will be hit with caramelised toffee apple, cinnamon and hints of cookie dough. The taste doesn’t disappoint either, the savoury spice and warming raw ginger perfectly mimics the taste of gingerbread. 

Stocking up your alcohol cabinet 

Trust us when we say that you will be set for the festive season once you have the gins mentioned above in your alcohol cabinet. They all have such unique flavours that are perfect for this time of year so invest in a bottle, or two, and bring out your luxury gin glasses. Treat yourself and your guests this festive season to a tipple that fits in with the Christmas spirit. 

If you need to invest in some new gin glasses ready for Christmas too then visit the Vemacity website. We can supply you with incredible premium gin gift sets that don’t only include two beautiful gin glasses but also have the essential gin accessories you’ll require too. You will be ready to make the most amazing Christmassy drinks with these glasses paired with our favourite Christmassy flavours. 

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