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Why Gin Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

One of the hardest parts of Christmas can be purchasing gifts for people. Even though Christmas isn’t just about presents, it is nice to be able to treat the people that mean the most to us at this time of year. You will probably find that for some people, present ideas will come incredibly easy and for others, you will be stuck with not a clue what to get. 

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be aware that gin has taken over the world of spirits this year and even those who would have previously avoided drinking it have been converted. There is a high chance that if your family and friends drink alcohol then they will like gin, making it the perfect solution to your present struggle. Vemacity have looked into why gin is the perfect gift for everyone this Christmas. 

For the impossible to buy for 

Everyone knows someone that is just impossible to buy for. Whether they have everything already or they’re too polite to tell you what they really want, you can be left tearing your hair out trying to think of a gift that isn’t completely pointless. For these people, a classic bottle of gin is the answer to all of your prayers. You know that this bottle of gin will get used over the next few months and that it won’t just end up in a cupboard somewhere. 

For the fussy ones 

Another person on your present list will be someone that is incredibly fussy. The risk of purchasing something that they won’t like is so high that you can feel limited with your present choices. Again, for these people, a bottle of gin or even a gin glass set is a brilliant idea. If you’re not sure what brand of gin they like to drink then you can’t go wrong with traditional large gin glasses, there is nothing not to like about them. 

For the little top-up gift 

Once you have done the majority of your shopping you may find that you’re left searching for small top-up gifts for certain people. This little gift is often harder to find than their main present was and aside from the obvious, chocolate, there isn’t much else out there that will tick all of your boxes. Guess what, for these people, mini bottles of gin are the perfect solution. You can get so many different types of miniatures, so pick their favourites to finish off their present. 

For your secret Santa 

Lots of people will choose to do secret Santa with groups of friends or even with their work colleagues. Although this seems like a good idea at the time, finding a present is never easy, especially if you don’t know much about the person you get. By now, you know what we’re going to say, gin is the way forward. Whether you choose a Christmassy flavour or just a traditional classic bottle, you can trust that this present will go down well with whoever the recipient is. 

For the competitive gifter 

Giving gifts shouldn’t be competitive but you can guarantee that you know someone who always goes so wildly over the top of what’s normal. It can then be painful to watch them open your gift as it never feels good enough. This is the last time we will say this, for these people gin is definitely the answer. These days you can get some beautiful bottles of gin that don’t only taste great but look amazing too, this is guaranteed to make you feel better when they open your present. 


Smashing your Christmas shopping 

Now that you know gin really is the best present you can give at Christmas, you still have plenty of time to get to a shop and purchase the bottle, or even bottles, you need to finish off your Christmas shopping. The majority of supermarkets have multiple shelves lined with different brands and flavours so you know that you won’t be spoilt for choice. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy gin glasses that will perfectly complement the bottle of gin that you’ve purchased then visit the Vemacity website. You can get a set of 2 gin glasses that are accompanied by a double-sided jigger and a cocktail mixing spoon. They come in a beautiful box ready to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree ready for the big day. You can feel safe in the knowledge that you have smashed your Christmas shopping this year with a bottle of gin and these glasses. 

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