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Why Our Ultimate Gin Making Kit Is The Perfect Gift

When it comes to choosing a gift for you gin lover friends, the majority of people will turn to a bottle of their favourite gin or even a pair of gin glasses. Whilst these are brilliant gifts and not something that we would be disappointed to receive, you can almost guarantee that someone else will have the same idea as you and they will get duplicate gifts. 

Thinking outside of the box and choosing something gin related that is unique can be quite difficult. Thankfully, as gin lovers themselves, Vemacity has created the perfect solution for anyone in this predicament. Our Ultimate Gin Making Kit really is the perfect gift and here’s why; 

Something for everyone 

If you’re not too sure which type of gin your friend/family member prefers then enabling them to make their own means you can’t go wrong. In the Vemacity artisan gin gift set, they will be able to make up to 10 bottles of their own unique botanical rich, fragrant gin. 

In the kit, you will find a recipe booklet however, the recipient can even create and master their own recipe if they’d prefer. Whilst you will need to add juniper to all of the recipes you try out, the other botanicals can be played around with. This set contains all of the botanicals and tools to make delicious classic, colour-changing and pink gin in the space of 3 days. 

Complete gift 

There are lots of gin gifts available that require the recipient to already have certain things at home, whether they need gin to put in their gifted glasses or glasses to put their gin stones in, for example. Thankfully, Vemacity’s ultimate gin making kit provides you with a complete gift. 

The only additions you need in order to make the gin in this set is a 70cl bottle of inexpensive vodka, and this is always something you can gift with the kit. All of the required gin accessories are included in the kit, so you don’t need to worry about the recipient needing to invest in any extras. 

Premium botanicals 

Gin making kits are becoming more popular and lots of different suppliers will be making these kits. However, we would always advise that you do your research before you purchase the kit to make sure that the ingredients are of good quality. 

When choosing Vamicity’s premium gin gift set you know that you will be getting the very best hand-selected botanicals. Each of the botanicals in the kit have been meticulously tested to deliver on both flavour and quality.

Fun to do

Unlike lots of gin related gifts that you open and then just put on a shelf or in a cupboard, with this gin making kit the recipient can actually have some fun with the gift and make their very own gin. Of course, they get to enjoy drinking it after too. 

One of the best things about Vemacity’s gin kit that customers love is the fact that it comes with the option to make colour-changing gin. The recipient can watch as their gin changes from clear to blueish purple. They can essentially enjoy carrying out their own ‘adult science experiments’. 

Purchasing a gin making kit 

Next time you need to purchase a gin related gift, Vemacity’s ultimate gin making kit really is the way forward. We can assure you that it will go down well with anyone who loves gin and they will enjoy creating their very own personalised bottles of gin. 

If you want to go all out, why not purchase some of Vemacity’s luxury gin glasses to go with the kit too? Then your family member/friend can enjoy drinking their own gin out of a pair of beautiful glasses. Of course, there is no denying that gin always tastes better when it is enjoyed from a proper gin glass, so together, they really do make the perfect gift. 

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