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The Best Flavoured Gin Liqueurs

When you’re shopping for new gins to try, you have probably noticed that some will be a normal gin and others will be called gin liqueurs. Whilst gin liqueurs are still made with distilled gin they have been infused with additional flavourings and also sweetened meaning their alcohol content will be lower and the sweetness and sugar content higher. 

For some people, gin liqueurs will suit their palate much more than a normal dry gin for example and if you haven’t already tried them then you definitely should. Thankfully, similarly to gin, there is such a huge range of gin liqueurs on the market these days so you will be spoilt for choice. To help anyone looking for the best to try first, Vemacity has put together a list of their favourites. 

Edinburgh Gin

These are probably hands down the most popular gin liqueurs on the market currently. You can pick up a bottle in almost any supermarket and you also have a range of flavours to choose from. If you have mixed your gin with elderflower tonic before then you definitely need to try their elderflower liqueur. Elderflowers have a distinctive floral aroma and flavours that work perfectly with gin botanicals. 

Try this gin liqueur with a good quality tonic water or as a topper to prosecco, it is also equally enjoyable served by itself over ice.


When searching for a great gin liqueur, you may not think to but, visit Lidl. They have a range of brilliant liqueurs all in amazing flavours. We would recommend that you try the rhubarb and ginger flavour first, it will take you back to eating rhubarb and custard sweets as a child. This flavour is often described as sweet and fruity but it is well balanced with a delicate warmth and spice to finish.

Try this gin liqueur with ginger ale, trust us on this one, or simply mix with a nice lemonade for a refreshing summer drink. 

Wilkin & Sons Tiptree

You may have heard of Tiptree before, they are famous for their jam and marmalade. Thankfully, they now have an incredible range of gin liqueurs too. Tiptree Little Scarlet Strawberry is a great one to try. The fact that it is made with hand-picked strawberries means that you can actually taste the fruit in this liqueur. 

Try this gin liqueur straight over ice to get the full flavour or add it your favourite mixer to make it into a long drink, it works with everything.  


This is a well-known brand when it comes to gin and many have heard of their strawberry gin liqueur, but it’s their lemon and elderflower variant that we would recommend you try. This was first introduced as limited-edition inspired by the flavours of the royal wedding cake from Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The floral and fruity citrus flavours create a highly unique tasting drink.

Try this gin liqueur with fresh lemonade or it is perfect for adding a little tang to your prosecco at any celebratory occasion.


Sometimes it is good to move away from the huge brands and try new gins and we would direct you to Pickering’s. Their distillery is in the heart of Edinburgh and they have been creating multi-award winning gin since 2013. If you’re looking for something a little bit different then try their pink grapefruit and lemongrass gin liqueur. This refreshing gin liqueur has the citrus of the pink grapefruit and the warmth of the lemongrass.

Try this gin liqueur with prosecco and sparkling water or if you really want a treat then make it into your own frozen cocktail with fresh orange juice and pink grapefruit juice.

Trying gin liqueurs 

If you have never tried a gin liqueur before then one of the five mentioned above is a good place to start. They are such a great investment and you can enjoy them in so many different ways. As a gin lover, if you’re looking for some beautiful new gin glasses to try your gin liqueurs in then, visit the Vemacity website

We can provide you with high-quality gin glass sets made up from a pair of balloon gin glasses. There is no denying that a good gin cocktail or your favourite liqueur and mixer tastes much better in a large gin glass full of ice, so why not treat yourself today? 

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