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What makes the Copa Glass so special?

When we founded Vemacity, we knew that we wanted to create products for gin lovers, but where to start? Gin is an incredibly versatile spirit and the possibilities are endless. However, our first port of call was to take a deeper look at the classic G&T. So we stopped, took a step back and thought ‘What is the biggest way we could enhance our gin tonic experience?’. That is when the Copa glass started shaping up as our first every product. But what do these balloon gin glasses have that makes sipping your favourite gin cocktail so special? And what is a Copa glass? Let’s find out.

Ice Ice Baby!

Being true gin explorers, we had tasted gins from all over the globe. But, we never enjoyed a classic gin and tonic more than when we drank one in Spain. In the Basque region in particular. The Copa de Balon originates from Spain and is designed to keep your drink cold without diluting it. As it is quite a large glass, it is perfect to put plenty of ice. Remember the more ice you add to a drink the slower it will dilute. Which also means you get more time to enjoy your drink as it should taste. 

It’s all about the aromas and flavours

The Copa glasses for gin’s balloon shape was designed to trap the aromas of the gin. What this means is that it will enhance the flavours of all your favourite gin and tonic combinations making it all taste even better. 

Gin and tonic balloon glasses’ are also perfect to experiment with various garnishes. Their large size allows for plenty of space to put whatever you want in there. For example, our gin Copa glass gift set which includes two beautiful handmade Copa glasses, as well as some bar accessories, can hold up to 700ml. So it won’t come as a surprise when we tell you that we mix things up all the time when creating our drinks inside the beautiful handmade crystal gin glasses.


gin tonic cucumber copa glass glasses cocktail

A gin lover’s must-have

If you are a gin lover or know a gin lover, you will want to get your hands on a (or a few) Copa balloon glass or even a Copa gin glass set. The balloon glasses are obviously part of the best gin glasses you can have in your collection and even if we are a bit biased we strongly believe that our Copa glass set is the best in the market. So make sure you check it out now

It goes without saying that these are perfect for a gift. Our gin glasses gift set is packaged in a beautiful giftable box containing two high-quality handmade crystal Copa glasses, a spoon and a jigger in your choice of gold, silver or rose gold. 

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