‘All Things Gin’ by Vemacity – The UK’s favourite Gin Loving Community


‘All Things Gin’ by Vemacity – The UK’s favourite Gin Loving Community.

Vemacity started with two friends and their love of gin. Since then we have been excited to see our customer share this passion with us every step of the way. With every review, photo and comment that you’ve sent us, we see our mission of spreading the enjoyment of gin coming to life. Other than tasting lovely new gins, we’ve come to realise that the community aspect Vemacity is what we cherish the most.

Because of all of the beautiful words and moments that you created using our products and shared with us, we thought it was the perfect time to start to connect our gin buddies together in one incredible community. A space where we can all connect with fellow gin lovers and share ‘ginspiration’ and our unique ways of creating signature moments with gin. This is how we came up with the idea to create ’All Things Gin’; a Facebook group where you guys are the heart and soul. Our aim is to create a place to connect with gin lovers as well as bring you unique gin related content and help you create signature moments all in one place. Whether it is by sharing with you guys a dinner recipe with gin as a star ingredient or talk about the latest gin addition to our collection, the group will have plenty of resources for gin lovers like you.

Make sure you check out the Vemacity Community on Facebook ! The Ultimate All Things Gin Vemacity Giveaway coming up soon in the group. You don’t want to miss it out a chance to win one of our 7 prizes.


The importance of community

Finding people who share the same passion as you can be hard. How many times have you been super excited to get a new craft gin and when you shared the news with your friends, they did not seem to understand your excitement? We certainly have been there. That was until we finally connected with other gin lovers who would not only be excited for our new gin discoveries but also were helping us finding them! 

This is when it clicked for us! Surrounding ourselves with people that shared this love of the juniper-based spirit was the perfect way to bring our gin game to the next level and made us feel good along the way. But what makes finding like-minded people so good for you?

Being a part of a community stimulates innovation and growth. It will help you find new ways to experiment with gin while also making connections with others. A community is also a great place to learn. It is a well-known fact that we, as human-beings, are social creatures. So, having a space where you can socialise around one of your passions can’t be a bad thing. Who knows you might even make some long-term friendships in there! We are certain you will find fellow gin lovers in there including ourselves!


More reasons to join

Apart from the sense of community which is key, the group will be a great sharing space for you all to explore our gin resources and deepen your gin knowledge. Whether it is by sharing our latest distillery tour or new quirky innovative techniques for your home bar, in the true spirit of ‘ginnovation’, our aim is to provide you with the best possible content. We certainly hope you will do the same!

Another fun part of the group will be the member’s insights into Vemacity. You will be the first to know about our upcoming products and exciting company news! This is also a space where we will have exclusive promotions especially for the members. We really do want this community to be the heart and soul of our brand!

We are kicking off the group with an exclusive 7 days giveaway open to group members only. Plus, there’s also a new product reveal to be announced in the next week.



In summary, the group will be a great place for gin lovers to meet, discuss, share knowledge and have a laugh. This will be your place to shine and find like-minded people. We will be there to interact with you guys and share some amazing content created with ginthusiats in mind! This little corner of the internet will be dedicated to anyone who is passionate about gin. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out 'All Things Gin' now. You won’t regret it.



To celebrate the launch of our group, we are running an extra special giveaway. We will be giving 7 Vemacity products over 7 days from 25th of September until 1st of October 2020! Specifically crafted for gin lovers, our products will be perfect for you.

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