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Craft Gin Brands You've Never Heard Of

In recent years, the world’s population has woken up to the beauty that is gin. A spirit that can be enjoyed by itself, or combined with various mixers to create a whole new flavour, it is an excellent drink for those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time. However, the market has become saturated - there are different brands popping up every day. If you would like guiding through some of the craft gins that, whilst you may not have heard of, you need to try, listen to the advice of Vemacity below.

Procera Gin

Whilst you would not typically associate Africa as being a place that first-class gins come from, this spirit breaks the mould. Originating from Kenya, Procera Gin comes from humble origins, but is slowly but surely growing in stature. With a flavour that can be compared somewhat to that of the pink gins that have taken Britain by storm, you can be sure that the sweet notes will not be lost on you.

Ely Dark Chocolate

To some, this sounds like a match that would never work. However, for gin lovers, this could just be the spirit that they have been looking for. The flavour of this is a fine balance between the sharp, unsweetened spirit, and the bitterness that resonates from the dark chocolate. If you are wanting to truly sample this gin as it was meant to be, we would advise that it is consumed neat, in an open-topped balloon gin glass.

Citadelle Gin

If you are looking for a gin that is steeped in history, you need look no further than Citadelle Gin. Having been created by Alexandre Gabriel, a well-known distiller, this gin has never moved grounds for production. The Chateaux de Bonbonnet in Cognac is the family home of Gabriel, and it has now been used for more than ten generations to produce this wonderful spirit. To add another layer of authenticity, the juniper berries that give it one of its signature flavours is also sourced from the property. 

If you are searching for a hint of spice to pair to the luxury gin glasses that you are planning on gifting, this is the perfect bottle for you.

Sir Robin Of Locksley Gin

When it comes to gins that are specifically created for sipping without a tonic water, few surpass the sheer flavour that is present in the Sir Robin of Locksley Gin. Typically served in small batches, this flavour is one that, whilst harsh, has a noticeable sweetness rushing through it. A nod to a historical legend with its title, this spirit is very versatile; whilst renowned for being enjoyed on the rocks, it can also be used within gin cocktails, such as a Dirty Martini.

For anyone that has been looking for the perfect gin to be poured into one of the Vemacity gin and tonic glasses, look no further than the namesake of Robin Hood.

About Vemacity

Like the gins mentioned above, Vemacity’s origins are very humble. What started out as a shared passion between two friends, has slowly evolved into a business that has an assortment of artisan gin gift sets. We want to allow our customers to enhance the way in which they experience their gin and tonics - most people do not realise this, but the shape of their glass can greatly affect the taste of their drink.

If you find yourself interested in learning more about unique gin pairings or would like to make an enquiry about purchasing a premium gin gift set, we would love to hear from you. If you’d like to chat with one of our representatives about your queries, you can give us a call on 0800 2461 586. Should you feel more comfortable putting your questions into written form, feel free to write to us at [email protected]

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