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Choosing The Best Botanicals For Your Gin

When it comes to gin, the majority of people have their firm favourite. Even though there is such a huge range available on the market now, it isn’t uncommon for people to stick to what they know and purchase the same bottle time and time again to fill their best gin glasses with. If you do try different gins, you will know that they can taste dramatically different and in short, this is all down to the botanicals used. 

Understand which botanicals create which flavours can be really helpful when it comes to making your own gin at home. If you’re looking at using Vemacity’s ultimate gin making kit you will notice that it includes 13 essential botanicals, all of which will create a different flavour of gin. To help anyone wanting to ensure they make a gin they’ll like, Vemacity has put together a handy guide for choosing the best botanicals for your gin. 

For those who like a sweeter taste 

If you have a sweet tooth and like your gin to have a slightly sweeter taste rather than a dry flavour then there are a range of different botanicals that you can use. Quite a few big named gin distilleries use numerous berries, orchard fruits like apples and other fruit to add a sweet flavour to the spirit. In order for the gin to taste sweeter, in general, you want to choose a botanical that will overpower the juniper’s assertive pine flavour. 

For those who like a fresh citrusy gin 

This may be more obvious than some of the other flavours and it is an easy one for you to create at home. From orange and lemon peel to lemongrass, you can get a fresh citrusy gin really easily at home. The various citrus botanicals you can use provide a nice contrast to the spice and heavy juniper notes completely changing the flavour of the gin. Not only does gin taste amazing when you use these citrusy botanicals but it smells incredible too. 

For those who like a warming spice 

When thinking of a warming spice, many of us will automatically turn to cinnamon and lots of big distillers do too. However, there is a botanical that will provide you with a more impactful taste and if this is what you’re aiming for then cassia is perfect. It is similar to cinnamon, but it is hotter and spicier. However, we would recommend that you use both cinnamon and cassia together for the best warming spice possible. 

For those who like a delicate floral flavour 

To create a delicious floral gin that doesn’t step over into soapy or perfume-like territory you want to make sure you are using the best combination of botanicals. Take hibiscus and rose petals together, for example, the tangy flavour of the hibiscus tones down the floral taste of the rose petals. Of course, if you’re looking for a stronger floral taste then many distilleries turn to lavender however, you do need to be very careful when doing so as if overcooked, over-infused or simply, if the wrong variety, lavender can be incredibly overpowering. 

Creating your perfect gin 

Taking into account the information above you should be able to create the perfect gin to suit your palate. If you would like to try making your own gin at home, the Vemacity gin making kit is a perfect place to start. All of the botanicals included in the kit have been selected so that you can create some truly delicious bottles of gin at home. We have also put together a list of some of their favourite recipes so, if you need some advice regarding which botanicals to use, you can follow these. 

If you know anyone that loves gin as much as you, why not purchase the Vemacity artisan gin gift set for them too? As well as this, you can get a beautiful gin glass gift set from Vemacity, where you’ll then have the perfect complete present for any gin lovers. You can trust that both the gin making kit and the high quality gin glasses you purchase from Vemacity will put a smile on the recipient's face. 

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