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The Ultimate Gin Making Kit with Silver Bar Accessories

Product image 1The Ultimate Gin Making Kit with Silver Barware
Product image 2The Ultimate Gin Making Kit
Product image 3The Ultimate Gin Making Kit
Product image 4Magical Colour Changing Gin
Product image 5Elegant Pink Gin
Product image 6Chocolate Gin
Product image 7Premium UK Sourced Botanicals

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With the Ultimate Gin Making Kit, you will be able to make up to 10 bottles of your own unique botanical rich, fragrant gin. This includes creating your own show-stopping colour-changing gin and beautiful pink gin!

The botanicals included within this kit have been meticulously selected so that you can create some truly delicious bottles of gin without owning a gin distillery. We have compiled some of our favourite recipes in this booklet. However, feel free to get creative and master your own recipe!

We have provided all of the necessary tools so you can easily make your own gin and focus solely on the flavour! This includes a cocktail spoon and jigger so that you can nail the perfect serve every time! All you will need is a 70cl bottle of inexpensive vodka and you are good to go!

The juniper berry is what makes gin, gin. It provides that delicious piney background note we all love about gin. This means you will need to add juniper to all of the recipes you try out. The other botanicals can be tinkered with according to your tastebuds!

  • THE PERFECT GIN GIFT - Gin lovers will be delighted making their own beautifully flavoured gin. This gin craft set contains all of the essential gin botanicals and tools to make delicious classic, colour-changing and pink gin in the space of 3 days!

  • PREMIUM BOTANICALS - We only aspire to make the best gin gifts so including the best hand-selected botanicals is a must. Each botanical has been meticulously tested to deliver on flavour and quality! We provide you with enough botanicals to make up to 10 large bottles!

  • COLOUR CHANGING & PINK GIN - Bring your drink to life by changing the colour of your gin. Watch in amazement as your gin changes from clear to blueish purple. This will bring endless fun to any gin lover. Making your own pink gin is a guaranteed winner if you're looking for gin gifts for women.

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Our kit includes 13 essential botanicals so you can change the flavour of your gin! We also provide expert gin accessories such as a silver cocktail spoon and double-sided jigger so you can nail the perfect serve! We also provide craft bottle labels and a recipe book to help you keep track of all your creations!

(No Alcohol Included in the set)

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