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The Ultimate Gin Library- Portobello Road Gin

Portobello Road Gin

Portobello Road Gin

Distillery: Capreolus, The Mount, Park View, Stratton, Cirencester

Strength: 42%


In autumn 2011, Portobello Road was introduced to the market.  If you are on a shopping spree you can purchase the bottles from the shelves of all leading supermarkets.  It was a result of a small scale accidental experimentation by proprietors Ged Feltham and Jake Burger distilling for their Ginstitute Museum.  The museum is located above the Portobello Star Pub and the museum was a result of an idea to fill vacant floors above the Portobello Star.

If you need to get to know more about gin making in London be sure to make a visit to the Ginstitute.  Ged and Jake stored their vintage collection of gins in the museum and welcomed visitors to blend their own signature gins.  They required a variety of distillates which was prepared in their tiny Portuguese pot still.  They also created a sophisticated London Dry with many botanicals including the unusual nutmeg.

Buyers around the globe were found for the gin and due to the high demand and increased quantities the production had to be sourced to Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillers in his Tom Thumb still. 

The gin stands out from the rest due to the unique packaging with an exclusive cognac bottle and the label depicts Victorian style graphics which is a delightful sight to the onlooker.  Portobello Road appeals to the gin fans in a crowded market and that is a trick the gin can pull through amidst varied competitors.


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