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The Ultimate Gin Library- Opihr Gin

Opihr Gin

Opihr Gin

Distillery: G & J Distillers, Warrington

Strength: 40%


A unique gin which is hard to resist for folks who are restless and is branded and marketed with a simple bottle and label.  It is called ‘shelf appeal’ in the gin circles.  Opihr as a legendary region is known for its wealth and riches and had prospered under King Solomon’s regime.  The King had received shipments of gold, silver and spices from Opihr and to date the exact location is not widely known but speculated as the Orient along the ancient Spice Route. 

Opihr is mainly targeted for 24-35 year old’s with adventure and novelty in mind.  It might not be the cup of tea for many golf club members who occasionally drive a jaguar and also not for the typical gin drinker.

The label carries the words ‘Oriental Spiced and one will not be surprised with the spicy aroma of cardamom and pepper as you open the bottle tranquilizing the nostrils.  Although it might not be the general idea to use spices in a gin the Quintessential Brands are marketing the novel idea at its best.

Try a sip of this gin, as it is an interesting and unique flavour.  Be adventurous and use the exclusive package although one might think the spiciness of cardamom, cumin and coriander dominates the flavours although a bit plain to one’s taste.

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