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The Ultimate Gin Library- Lussa

Lussa Gin

Lussa Gin

Distillery: Lussa, The Stables, Ardiussa, Isle of Jura

Strength: 42% 


If you are around UK, it is worthwhile visiting the Lussa Distillery in Isle of Jura to taste the whisky and gin which is produced there.  You will be surprised to note that Jura is equipped with one road, 200 inhabitants and 6,000 red deer.  An Australian multi-millionaire is investing on a private golf course at a cost of GBP55M.  A few wealthy absentee landlords own very large sporting estates and other bare land has been given over to deer forests.  One estate to the North end of the island is owned by the Fletcher family.   Claire Fletcher came to shoot a video in Jura and stayed on.  She joined hands with two colleagues Georgina Kitching and Alicia Macinnes.

Juniper  bushes along with harvest pine needles and sea lettuce and fifteen other botanicals are planted in polytunnels and greenhouses around Jura.     The ingredients are used to make a full bodied and earthy gin which is equipped with floral and citrus flavours. 

If you pay a visit to the distillery in Jura, you can purchase a bottle for about GBP 45 to take home for your loved ones.  Hope the industry will be sustainable in Jura as the conditions are not that favourable in an island like Jura.  Good luck to Clair and her friends!


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