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The Ultimate Gin Library- Hven Gin

Hven Gin

Hven Gin

Distillery: Backafallsbyn, Hven, Sweden

Strength: 40% 


Backafallsbyn Distillery was established in 2008 to create Swedish whisky.  It is known to be Sweden’s third-ever pot still distillery and creates artisanal spirits in a regulated and heavily controlled market.  The Distillery is located in the tiny island of Hven, situated in Oresund, between Denmark and Sweden. The island has about 350 inhabitants and can only be reached by boat.

Hven has taken the unique steps of aging their spirits in oak prior to it being distilled into gin.  The wheat based organic gins are produced by first keeping it for 24 hours with their botanicals.  Subsequently the spirit is filtered off and poured into American oak casks and kept for 18 months to mature.  Thereafter the distillery rests for further three months in steel vats.  It does not stop there, and it is distilled again to reach a strength of 40% abv without carbon or chill filtration.  The result is a smooth, refreshing and rich gin for the gin lover.

The botanicals used are locally sourced juniper, grains of paradise, citrus, aniseed, Guinea pepper, Sichuan pepper, calamus root, cardamom, cassia and Mauritian Bourbon vanilla.  Hven is a well-balanced and matured gin although the flavours are very distinct and unclear.  It is packaged beautifully, and one might think it is rather expensive due to the intense production process.  This is not the case and you can get it from the UK website for around GBP 32/- for a 50cl bottle.  Try and savour this excellent gin which is value for money.


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