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The Ultimate Gin Library- Herno Gin

Herno Gin

Herno Gin

Distillery: Herno, Dala, Angermanland, Sweden

Strength: 40.5%

The ‘Swedish gin miracle’ was founded by none other than Jon Hillgren.  Jon was initially a bar tender and with much trial and experimentation he founded Herno Gin Distillery in 2011.  It is located in the far north of Sweden and is known to be the first dedicated gin distillery in Sweden.

The distillery is housed in a wooden building with red and white painted walled manor house.  Kierstin, a 250 litre Carl copper still is located there and it was initially installed on 29 May 2012 which can be said to be relatively new.

The strongly flavoured drink has brought fame to the producers and won medals in many a competition.  The accolades have mainly come from a trade magazine competition and they have not been too lucky with major international awards.  The standard product ‘Swedish Excellence’ is stronger than 40.5% abv and is a hot and spicy liquid. 

The Herno website claims that their gin had received the greatest number of awards in Europe during 2013-2017.  They have been recognized and awarded by both IWWSC and the ISC. 

Jon Hillgreen can claim credit for inventing an outstanding gin which stands out from the rest and it is said to be enjoyed by a large following of enthusiastic supporters.  Juniper Cask style which is a highly innovative product is one of his other creations.  It is known that Herno is hoping to release a sampling pack of four 20cl bottles of different styles in the future.     

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