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The Ultimate Gin Library- Harris Gin

Harris Gin

Harris Gin

Distillery: Harris Distillery, Tarbert, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides

Strength: 45%

Harris Distillery is not an easy target to reach but they are enjoying a healthy and booming tourist season.  The distillery was built at the right time for creating skilled and lucrative job opportunities in the market.  It produces an international acclaimed product and is popular among the tourists.

They are looking at introducing a single malt whisky for the market.  The maturity period is prolonged, and the investment requires a large amount of cash.  They decided to build a small gin still which eventually became Harris Gin.  Their branding team carried out an eminent advertising campaign and the gin became an instant hit with the public.

The bottle is beautifully designed and is a delight to possess.  It comes in an attractive presentation and carries a simple and dignified label with all details.  The Latin motto is embossed on the base of the bottle and the bottle is sealed with a thick wood and cork stopper.  You might have to spend about forty quid for a bottle and one can say the money involved is wisely spent.

The gin is sweet with the addition of loads of juniper.  The flavours comprise of citrus notes, herbal and floral flavours followed by a maritime note.  The end result is a smooth and complex Martini and it is no secret that the local sugar kelp seaweed used is hand collected by a local diver.

Great gin requires the perfect serve! You need to precisely measure out your gin and serve it in a glass which allows the botanicals and aromas to release. Go here to buy Copa Gin Glasses with bar accessories! They're rated 5* by hundreds of your fellow gin lovers!

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