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The Ultimate Gin Library- Ferdinand's Gin

Ferdinand's Gin

Distillery: Avadis, Wincheringen, Germany

Strength: 44%

It is not surprising that the Germans are all out to invent gin. The team at Ferdinand’s just don’t believe in sticking to thirty botanicals in their distilling empire and are always looking at adding more. They have added about 2.5% by volume of Riesling wine into the spirit just before bottling.

It may be difficult to pick and choose all thirty botanicals, but the impact is said to be powerful and complex.  Initially the gin is all sweetness thanks to the Riesling wine.  It is then flushed away by the impressive botanical hit, followed by juniper and the final touches of gingery flavour.  The young and enthusiastic and rather serious production team should claim credit for this. 

The ideal number of botanicals you require and want in your gin is a renowned fact by most distillers.  The cost and complexity of the distilling process is bound to go up by adding more botanicals.  Botanicals vary in behaviour, some are infused into the spirits, whilst others are best used on a vapour tray.  Working with botanicals is not an easy task and one needs to be deft and confident to handle them.

Andreas Vallendar is a well-known distiller who descends from a long and prestigious family of distillers.  Since 1824 the family has been producing fruit schnapps.  The Avadis Distillery is small in extent but managed by a team of experts. 

Great gin requires the perfect serve! You need to precisely measure out your gin and serve it in a glass which allows the botanicals and aromas to release. Go here to buy Copa Gin Glasses with bar accessories! They're rated 5* by hundreds of your fellow gin lovers!

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