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The Ultimate Gin Library- Farmer’s Organic Gin

Farmer's Organic Gin

Farmer's Organic Gin

Distillery: Undisclosed

Strength: 46.7% 

There are only a few organic gins around the world, and it is prominently displayed by Farmer’s in their label.  The certification comes from none other than USDA and it is different from the UK’s Soil Association. Being organic has its immense benefits in the eyes of the consumer as the new generations prefer the organic options.  Organic or not it stands out from the rest and is a very refreshing and floral gin.

Although not too overpowering it is good to remember the gin carries a strength of 46.7%.  This resembles ‘New American Gin’ and the juniper has been toned down compared to its UK peers.  This results in the rest of the botanicals to come on top giving plenty of body and muscle to the gin.  The elderflower and lemongrass contribute to this mild gin which is not assertive and less complex in nature.

The owners Chatham Imports draws the gin parallel to their Crop Harvest Earth Organic vodka.  Whoever takes the trouble to purchase and taste will know the truth and the difference.  It is none other than simply a comment on the taste of this organic and environmentally friendly gin.

Great gin requires the perfect serve! You need to precisely measure out your gin and serve it in a glass which allows the botanicals and aromas to release. Go here to buy Copa Gin Glasses with bar accessories! They're rated 5* by hundreds of your fellow gin lovers!

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