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The Ultimate Gin Library- Citadelle Gin

Citadelle Gin

Citadelle Gin

Distillery: Ferrand, Ars, France

Strength: 44%

Citadelle is produced in the heart of Cognac region in France, using direct-fired cognac stills. The first batch of Citadelle made in a traditional way by the distillery was released in 1995.

Ferrand is prevented by law in producing brandy during the months of November to March in a year.  The stills remain idle during this period.  Alexandre Gabriel realising what a waste it is to keep the stills not filled with activity decided to go ahead and produce gin instead of cognac during the idle period, putting it to good use.

Ferrand started studying and experimenting methods of distillation and came up with producing genievre.  He went through an archive of notes along with another academic and discovered ancient methods of producing gin.    

Citadelle is infused for seventy two hours and is produced by adding nineteen different botanicals.  It is distilled for twelve hours in a hammered-copper pot still using a naked flame and rested prior to bottling at 44%.  This distilling method requires skilled handling and expertise.  The gin is produced one cask at a time in small batches.

The labels carry prominence as it gives the details of the date and house style for the convenience of consumers.  The taste is undoubtedly one of the best and is produced with great love and care backed by an enthusiastic panel of experts.      

Great gin requires the perfect serve! You need to precisely measure out your gin and serve it in a glass which allows the botanicals and aromas to release. Go here to buy Copa Gin Glasses with bar accessories! They're rated 5* by hundreds of your fellow gin lovers!

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