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Candy Cane Cocktail

Candy Cane Cocktail

Candy canes are a firm favourite at Christmas; the refreshing flavour of peppermint reminds us all of a fresh, crisp winters day. There is nothing more festive than sipping on a festive tipple whilst watching your favourite Christmas movie; Instead of your typical eggnog or spiced apple cider this year, why not try out one of our new creations? It's time to make this festive period even better with the perfect candy cane cocktail recipe. This recipe will teach you everything there is about making this delicious cocktail.

How To Make A Candy Cane Cocktail

This candy cane gin cocktail recipe combines gin, white creme de menthe, strawberries and cranberry juice to create the perfect after-dinner treat. The best part of this cocktail is that it tastes like Christmas in a glass! It's easy and quick to make. Follow our step by step guide below to get started.


Candy Cane Cocktail Ingredients 

  • One Candy Cane
  • Two Strawberries
  • 50ml Vodka 
  • 10ml White Creme De Menthe 
  • 60ml Cranberry Juice 
  • Ice cubes

Step By Step Guide To Making Candy Cane Cocktail

Step One: Chill your Coupe Cocktail Glass in the Freezer 15 minutes before making your serve.

Step Two: Add vodka, white creme de menthe, cranberry juice and strawberry into your ice-filled cocktail shaker, then shake well.

Step Three: Strain your mixture into your chilled coupe cocktail glass.

Step Four: Garnish with your candy cane, enjoy!

Serve Your Candy Cane Cocktail In One Of Our Glasses

One of the best parts about hosting a party for friends and family is letting your imagination run wild with cocktails. If you're looking to take that candy cane cocktail up a notch, then our rose gold cocktail set with hand-made coupe cocktail glasses will make it happen! No matter what kind of drinks we want to create: from classic old favourites like margaritas or cosmopolitans; to unique creations such as this candy cane cocktail– we've got something perfect for every occasion (and budget too)! Creating gorgeous drinks has never been easier and more fun with our range.

Share Your Candy Cane Cocktail With Us On Instagram

We love to see your creations, especially if you're using our incredible hand-made glasses. When making the candy cane cocktail, before enjoying it, make sure you grab a picture & tag us on Instagram or Facebook at @vemacityuk. 

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