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Our Ori'gins'

Vemacity Co-founders- gin glasses

Our purpose is simple. 'To spread the enjoyment of gin.'

Vemacity are experts in gin but first and foremost we are in love with gin. We love how playful and varied gin is and how far the industry has come. Our passion is to create new ways to experience gin and tonic through our products. There are so many incredible gins to discover and experiment with. You can literally experience the world through gin. We believe that a gin and tonic should be served the right way and the perfect serve goes deeper than the pairing of a great gin, tonic water and a garnish. A great gin experience is anchored within the moment that you create around it. Time, effort, attention to detail and knowledge are equally as important when experiencing gin.

Ginnovation is at our core.

Gin cannot be put in a box and therefore can and should be experienced in more than one way. This is why we are obsessed with finding new and interesting ways to celebrate this beautiful liquor.


Vemacity (pronounced: 'vuh-mah-city') was born from two London friend's passion for great gin. Simply put, a well-conceived gin makes us happy. We have a shared belief that a great gin and tonic should be served the right way and engage all the senses. So, we set out to create specialist barware and gin gifts which elevates the experience of drinking gin at home.

We love to delight our customers ('gin buddies'). 

From the moment you get your hands on any of our gin products, it’s our aim to make you smile, and create really memorable experiences for you and those closest to you. That’s what really drives us to design and create great products. We are all about creating signature moments for gin lovers!

Our brand name. Gin makes you do crazy things.

People often ask us about the origins of our brand name and to that we always say "gin named our brand". Leading up to our launch in 2018, we were completely absorbed in the process of creating beautiful items that enhanced gin however, a company name was alluding us. So one night while we decided to get the creative juices flowing by playing Scrabble 'under the ginfluence'. The topic of our company name came up and we had a moment of pure 'ginspiration'. We drew letters from the bag and they spelt out 'VEMACITY'. We loved the sound of it and how unique it was. Vemacity represents all of the memorable moments we have sharing great gin with friends at home, so to us it's perfect. We hope our gin gifts help you create signature gin moments for you and your loved ones too! 
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