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Gin Housewarming Gifts

Moving home is listed as one of the most stressful times in anyoneโ€™s life and unfortunately, itโ€™s something many of us do more than once. While many may say gifting flowers, vases or any other kind ofย  house wear is the ideal way to go, here at Vemacity, we say something different. We say gin sets are the perfect housewarming gift by far.

Relax & Unwind The Right Way

One of the best ways to counteract the stresses of moving home is to relax and unwind and thereโ€™s no better way to do that than with some fun and excitement in the form of a gin making kit. Our gin gift sets have been exclusively designed to ensure high quality at amazing prices. From the ingredients to the glassware, you can bet these will be cherished gifts, not only for their contents but the experience they provide someone to enjoy in their new home.

The Ultimate Way To Christen A New Home

While some may enjoy bubbles, those with taste and of course a sense of adventure much prefer the flavours and delicious notes of gin and with our gin making kits, your gin loving friends will enjoy the ultimate way to christen their new home.

Choose Vemacity Forย Gin Housewarming Gifts

Whether that special someone is moving into their first home or their third, thereโ€™s no better way to wish them happiness and health than with a Vemacity Gin Making Kit! So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and enjoy the smile on their face!