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What Are The Best Mixers For Gin?

Traditionally gin is mixed with tonic water and of course, there are many different types and brands of tonic water for you to enjoy. However, it isn’t uncommon for people to be put off gin purely because they don’t like tonic. Little do they know that there is a whole other world of mixers that work perfectly with gin. Let us open your eyes to the other options available to you, so that you can enjoy gin just as much as tonic lovers do. 


This is probably the go-to option when you don’t like tonic. There isn’t really a gin that doesn’t work well with lemonade and of course, it is an easy alternative mixer to get at any bar. Not only is your typical fizzy lemonade a great mixer, but a quality non-fizzy lemonade is also a brilliant choice. You can also try different flavours of lemonade too, you won’t be disappointed. 

Ginger beer

Gin and ginger beer is fast becoming one of the hottest trends in the world of gin. With flavoured gins, such as rhubarb and ginger gin, being favoured by many new gin drinkers - ginger beer has become the perfect partner. 

Grapefruit juice 

Citrus fruit and gin really is a dream combination, as mixing these together will leave you with a fruity zesty drink. The tart sweetness of grapefruit paired with the smooth citrus flavours of gin is a match made in heaven. Add some lightly sparkling wine to the mix and you’ve got a sensational cocktail which you are guaranteed to enjoy. 

Bitter lemon

Don’t be put off by its name, bitter lemon isn’t actually too bitter. This mixer has a little bit of a tang which is the perfect way to compliment gin. It is a great afternoon drink with friends in the summer months. Why not garnish your drink with a wedge of lemon too?

Cranberry juice 

If cranberry is your go-to mixer with vodka then you need to try it with gin too. It is slightly sweet with a tart twist and is the base to many different gin cocktails. Grab yourself a fishbowl gin glass and throw in ice, gin, cranberry juice and a few fresh cranberries, we are sure that you’ll love it. 

Soda water

Soda water is known for being a great alternative to lemonade, tonic or even fizzy water. Admittedly, we wouldn’t advise that you drink gin with just soda water, you’ll need to add a wedge of fresh lime or lemon too, or even a dash or cordial, but it is incredibly refreshing. It is also probably the option with the lowest calories too, result. 

Tomato juice 

Ok, we know that this one won’t be everyone's cup of tea but, if you love a Bloody Mary then you will thank us later. By simply swapping the vodka for gin you will be introduced to a Red Snapper. We are sure that this will become your new favourite brunch drink. 


This is more of a classic mixer. There are lots of elderflower tonic waters available on the market now yet, you can also get elderflower liqueur, elderflower cordial and elderflower pressé. You will find that a gin and elderflower will provide you with a more delicate alternative to a gin and tonic. 

Pineapple juice 

The perfect choice of gin mixer for people who have a sweet tooth. Gin and pineapple juice are also the basic ingredients to many different tropical cocktails. Try topping these two with a little prosecco, you won’t regret it. 

Which one should you try first? 

Whichever takes your fancy. They are all well worth trying but in no particular order. Of course, if you’re going to drink gin you need to have a large gin and tonic glass (we are just ditching the tonic), lots of ice and a fruit garnish. 

If you need to purchase some gin glasses or you’re sending these gin glasses as a gift hamper then Vemacity can provide you with the perfect glasses for the job. 

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