Vemacity’s Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gins


Vemacity’s Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gins

Everybody loves a Christmas tipple, but with so many different seasonal gins out there, it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice. To help you wade your way through the sea of spiced, candied and chocolatey (we checked and that is a word) gins, we have put together Vemacity’s ultimate guide to Christmas gins.

M&S Snow Globe Gin

To start things off on this wonderfully festive list, we’ve gone for a Christmas cracker, well it’s more of a snow globe really. M&S have created the UK’s very first light up gin complete with 24-carat gold leaf. This beautiful gin liqueur comes in two flavours, clementine and rhubarb and can be paired with tonic, mixed in a cocktail or, for the gin elitists, served on the rocks. Yes, we can assure you that it really is as magical as it sounds and would make a perfect gift alongside our Vemacity glasses gift set.

Image: Marks and Spencer

Yuletide Gin

This gin will make you feel all kinds of festive. 'That Boutique-y Gin Co' has created a deliciously creative gin for Christmas that we know you’re going to love! 

The Yuletide gin has all of the traditional botanicals that a typical gin has but this gin is far from ordinary. It’s been spiced up for the Christmas season to give the three wise men a run for their money. Full of gold, frankincense, myrrh, and even an entire gingerbread house, this gin is the perfect gift for those adventurous gin lover friends of yours. 

Oh, and did we mention that as well as the three gifts and the (gingerbread) stable, it also has the night sky in this bottle, in the form of sparkles of course? 

Sipsmith’s Sloe Gin

Every year, as the dark sloe berries begin to grow on the blackthorn trees, we start to get excited about our Christmas drink of choice. 

Image: Sipsmith

Sloe gin has been a staple of Christmas for a long time now and in our opinion, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Sipsmith's Sloe Gin is the perfect example of a classic done right and can be paired with champagne, simple syrup and lemon juice to make the classic Christmas cocktail, the Sloe Gin Fizz. 

As we all know, this beautifully fruity gin is also just as good on its own or with an orange wheel placed in if. If you really want to impress someone this Christmas, Sipsmith’s Sloe Gin looks even better in our Vemacity glasses

Candy Cane Gin

If a refreshing minty gin is more your style, we have the drink for you! Eden MIll's Candy Cane Christmas Gin is a refreshing peppermint gin that can only be described as a candy cane in a bottle. This minty treat is complete with berries and hibiscus to recreate the iconic candy red colour of a candy cane. When we say that it’s a candy cane in a bottle, we really do mean, it’s a candy cane in a bottle. 

Christmas Cake Gin

When you think about Christmas, what is the first thing that comes to mind? No, not Santa. We were thinking of a Christmas cake. Love it or hate it, it’s a Christmas staple and we’re sure that you will love this Christmas Cake gin from Warner’s no matter what your stance on the pudding is.

If your Christmas cakes are anything like the founder of Warner’s mum’s recipe then we urge you to get this rich and warming gin. It’s based on her Christmas cake recipe and is made with dark chocolate, treacle, ginger, orange, cherries and the traditional festive spices. 

Unlike the other gins on this list, we’d recommend that you make a festive Espresso Martini with this gin. Who doesn’t love an espresso martini, especially at Christmas? Not a fan of coffee? This gin is just as good on its own!

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas flavoured gin for yourself, or you want to buy a gift for the gin lover in your lift, all of the gins we’ve spoken about would look great in our Vemacity glasses gift set.

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