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The Best Tonic Waters You Have To Try

Everyone knows that traditionally gin and tonic are the perfect pairing. Even with the vast range of other mixers available, many people will always choose tonic water as their mixer. Although, when you ask for a tonic water at a bar or buy it in a supermarket you will now be greeted with more options than ever before. 

If you have never tried anything other than your standard go-to tonic then you have really been missing out. Dig out your high-quality gin glasses and your favourite gin to try some of the tonics that Vemacity have listed below, you won’t regret it. These are the absolute best and are simply a must-try. 


We had to start with this classic, it is probably the most well know and most people would argue that is it the best tonic that you can get. Their range is now so vast, with a low-calorie option as well as Mediterranean and aromatic, each one suited to a different type of gin so, there is something for everyone and every drink. 


When it comes to tonic water Fentimans always does an excellent job. Their tonic gets straight to the point, letting the gin do the talking and adding just enough citrus, quinine and fizz to your drink. We would be very surprised if you haven’t already tried one of Fentimans tonics but if you haven’t then you absolutely need to.  

Franklin & Sons 

This well-recognised name won’t let you down when it comes to tonic water. They are known for being experts in creating authentic, high-quality recipes made from hand-picked ingredients. You can trust that when you choose this tonic the flavours will be well balanced and bring out the best in your gin. Their tonic also contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and no preservatives.

Double Dutch

This is a relatively new brand and they are all about flavour. Their classic tonic water is brightened with pink grapefruit and has a subtle hint of juniper berry too. They have reduced the bitter after-taste that many people dislike about tonic so even if you would usually choose soda water or lemonade as your mixer you may want to try Double Dutch. 


You may not have heard of this tonic before, but if you’re drinking a premium gin then this tonic is definitely the perfect partner. This brand handpicks its quinine where the ingredient was first discovered, at 1724 metres above sea level in the Andes. It isn’t too sweet and it isn’t too bitter either, it really is the perfect high-end tonic water. 


Forget your traditional tonic water, this brand is slightly different. It is hand-crafted in the heart of London and is unusually amber in colour. They use a traditional Victorian recipe to make this tonic and it has a smooth and crisp taste which is exactly what you want from this mixer. BTW focus on people being able to taste the flavour of the gin rather than the bitter-sweetness of the tonic.

Trying new tonic 

Now you know the best tonic waters available you can venture from your standard choice and try some of the others mentioned above. You never know, you may find a new favourite. Of course, there is a whole range of flavoured tonics that are worth looking at too, so be adventurous.

If you know anyone else that loves gin and tonic or if you are just wanting to treat yourself then why not get some new balloon gin glasses to test out these tonics? You will be surprised how different a drink can taste when it is in a fancy glass and served with ice and a garnish, so go all out and give every tonic a fair chance. 

You can buy gin glasses online with Vemacity. Not only will you get two high-quality gin glasses, but you will also receive gin accessories in their gift sets. You will have everything you need to make an amazing G&T or even a perfect gin cocktail - if you prefer. 

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